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Picking your favourite bean is one thing, but choosing how to brew can be a whole new adventure. we're sharing a little about some of the most popular methods for creating the perfect cup of coffee (and their suggested grinds) to give you a little inspo for your next cuppa joe...

DRIP COFFEE: In everyone's kitchen since at least 1970 is the electric coffee machine, known at your local as drip brew. It’s the best method for getting lots of coffee with the least amount of work. Coffee snobs frown on this method due to lack of flavours you get in the cup. The Grind:   Medium

FRENCH PRESS: Patented by an Italian in 1929, the French Press is the easiest way to make a great cuppa in smaller portions at the lowest cost. It extracts more of the flavour out of your bean, giving you a truer taste of your chosen coffee bean. The Grind:   Coarse

ESPRESSO: Although highly attested, an Italian in 1884 came up with the first espresso machine. Through steam and pressure your specialty coffee of today can be enjoyed - and for a hefty price! If you can afford a good machine - yum! The Grind:   Fine

TURKISH: This is the oldest method of coffee brewing, dating at least to the Ottoman empire! Finely ground coffee simmers in a pot and is then served - make sure to allow settlement period for those grounds, you don't want a mouthful of that, but what a BANG! The Grind:   Extra Fine

AEROPRESS: This little guy was only invented in 2005 and is the hype of the third-wave coffee scene. It makes a great coffee easily, competes with pour over and French Press for intensity and will get you the closest thing to an espresso finish. Bonus - the compact size and format lets you take it everywhere with ease! The Grind:   Medium - Medium Fine